Cushion Cut vs Princess Cut Diamonds: A Comparative Guide

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A diamond engagement ring consists of the diamond stone or stones and the metal setting component. Since the stone has the most appeal in the entire piece, it’s a crucial part that needs to be thoughtfully chosen. The rest of the ring will then be designed according to the featured diamond cut.

There are many diamond cuts in the market with the round cut being the most popular. However, if you want your engagement ring to look more unique, you can opt for shapes other than ellipses like the stylish square-shaped cushion and princess cut.

In this article, we take a closer look at the difference between cushion cut and princess cut diamonds so you can decide between the two.

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Cut and Shape

Cut refers to the diamond’s structure in a facet arrangement. It plays a part in the stone’s ability to reflect light. It also involves symmetry and dimensions, science and geometry.

In contrast, a diamond’s shape is less complex and simply refers to the geometrical form of the diamond.

This post uses cut and shape interchangeably. The term “cut” is used to refer to the geometric form of the diamond.

Before we stack princess cut vs cushion cut diamonds against each other, let’s look at each one more closely to better appreciate their distinct features.


Rounded square — this is the most basic way to distinguish cushion cut diamond vs princess cut. It has a square shape but with soft, curved corners making it look like a fluffy square pillow, hence, the name.

If you want a classic look but wish to be subtly different from the sea of round diamond rings out there, a cushion cut is a great option!

This cut has been around since the 18th century but sported an old mine cut with fewer facets than today. Venetian jeweler Vincent Peruzzi invented it. The modern version of the cushion cut has 58 facets giving it an intense fire and sparkle that is almost at par with the round cut. Back then, it had a cult following especially among elite society until the round cut took over and became the most coveted diamond cut.

Given its pedigree, the cushion cut has made a well-deserved comeback. Many engagement rings feature this show-stopping cut. Actress and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle as well as reality star Kim Kardashian have been known to wear cushion cut engagement rings.

Princess Cut

Square but with angular corners and beveled sides — these are the features of the princess vs cushion cutThe princess cut is the second most popular diamond cut for good reason. It caters to the modern, independent woman’s strong and undeniable presence.

This shape features sloping sides and defined geometric lines but is rarely a perfect square. Depending on its configuration, the princess cut has either 57 or 76 facets, giving it a strong sparkle that’s nearly comparable to the round cut.

Cushion Cut Vs Princess Cut: Know The Differences

Let’s now get an overview of the two sparklers’ differences.


Aside from the physical features previously mentioned, the princess cut has a pyramidal shape while the cushion cut has a more expanded table and a shorter crown.


If the cut grade, carat weight, color, and clarity are equal, the cushion still has a relatively higher price than the princess cut because of the amount of raw diamond wasted during processing.

A cushion cut is 20% to 25% cheaper than a round diamond of the same carat weight, while a princess cut is cheaper than the round by as much as 30%.


The princess cut’s smaller facets make it more brilliant than the cushion cut. But when it comes to fire or light dispersion that results in rainbow-colored light, the cushion cut’s larger facets score higher.


The cushion cut hides inclusions or impurities better than the princess cut.


Because of the princess cut’s sharper edges and pointed corners, a single carat princess cut will appear slightly larger than a  single carat cushion cut.

Original price was: $21,550.Current price is: $18,318.
Original price was: $13,200.Current price is: $11,220.

Their Similarities

These two stunning beauties have quite a bit in common. Both belong to the square shape category while their cut and configuration offer intense sparkle.

Both cost less than the round cut diamond and serve as stylish alternatives without sacrificing sparkle and elegance. Choosing between them comes down to your personal style.

Why Buy At Othergems?

Whether you pick a cushion or a princess cut, Othergems has a fine selection of these two cuts under the engagement ring category. Many are complemented by other accent stones for a more opulent look while some feature the stone in a standalone, minimalist, and modern way.

Othergems is a New York-based family-owned business with over 30 years under its belt. We are committed to making quality polished diamonds more accessible for all.

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Clarity is one of the four important factors that determine the value and quality of a diamond (carat, color, clarity and cut grade). Almost every diamond has inclusions in it, and that’s what makes it unique. The shape, placement and amount of inclusions determine the clarity of a diamond. The highest level of clarity is FL and the lowest is I3.








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