Different Types of Wedding Rings

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A lot of thought is put into choosing a wedding ring. After all, it symbolizes a pivotal milestone in a person’s life – getting married and beginning a new life with your significant other.

It’s what will remind you of the vows you made to each other and will be a visible, tangible testament of your union. There is an emotional attachment to it that keeps it relevant throughout your married life.

While a wedding ring is steeped in meaning and story, it also adorns your finger and is meant to be worn for a long time. It has a big role to play so it has to look good, feel comfortable, and last a lifetime to be worthy of what it signifies.

Put A Ring On It: Different Types of Wedding Rings

After engagement comes the big day! However, you need to choose the right wedding ring first to commemorate and celebrate your momentous day with.

There are a plethora of wedding rings in the jewelry market you can choose from. Aside from the material and color, you also need to decide on the form or design. Then comes your style as a couple, personality, budget, and lifestyle to consider.

To help with this exciting, extraordinary purchase, here’s a quick look at the different types of wedding rings.

The Classic

This is a plain wedding band that’s usually in gold, silver, and sometimes platinum. It’s simple, minimalist, traditional, and perfect for couples who want a timeless piece.

Depending on your taste, you can choose the curved, domed, carved, or flat type in various widths — usually from 4 to 8 millimeters.  

The beauty of this band lies in its simple elegance and vintage style. It doesn’t veer away from tradition and will look good on a man’s ring finger. It can also complement your engagement ring’s sparkly design especially when it has a similar color and material.

The Classic With Gemstones

If you want the classic type of ring but want gemstones in it, you might like a pave or channel set wedding band. This design type features a line of small studs, usually diamonds, set on half of the ring. It marries the simplicity of the minimalist form with the luxury of precious stones.

This embellished band perfectly highlights the significance of the event it’s designed for, elevating a classic piece with its jewels. Because of its glittery design, it is known as an upgraded version of the classic wedding band.

The Infinity Ring

Symbolizing eternal love, the infinity ring features a single or a series of eight-shaped figures as part of the band. It is contoured seamlessly as part of the metal whether in rose gold, silver, platinum, titanium, stainless steel, or other metals.

The infinity ring usually comes with studs of diamonds, zirconium, and other gemstones in pave or channel settings.

This beautifully designed wedding ring can have minimalist to more intricate settings depending on the stone setting and design. If you choose this type of band, make sure to pick the right size because the design makes it almost impossible to resize without altering its original form.

The Diamond Ring

While classic wedding bands are popular options for wedding rings, the diamond ring also has its share of fans. Usually used as engagement rings, this show-stopping piece features a diamond or several diamonds as its centerpiece and breaks away from wedding ring traditions in a sophisticated manner. The diamonds are usually designed in prong or channel settings to hold the stones securely.

You can choose to have a custom-designed piece or take your pick from a readily available collection. Just be sure to buy from trusted jewel stores to ensure uncompromising quality, first-class aesthetics, and certified authenticity.

Othergems offers an array of exquisite diamond rings that weaves love, luxury, and luminosity into each masterpiece. The best part? You can customize the design with your choice of stone placements, color, carat, size, and clarity to suit your preferences.

Though it’s typically the bride who wears a studded ring, men can have a masculine version with a different design but share the same metal material, color, and quality. Couples can thus have a type of wedding rings that complement each other but don’t look exactly the same. 


The Curved Wedding Band

Unlike traditional wedding bands that run horizontally straight across your finger, the curved wedding ring has a graceful V-shaped dip or wishbone shape instead of a straight band. It is a subtly reshaped version of the classic wedding ring with gemstone. Aside from its distinctive design, its shape embodies promise, wealth, and fortune.

You may choose gemstones set on the band in a pave or channel setting that employs diamonds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts, or emeralds to add to its interesting and stylish design.

The Carved Wedding Band

The carved wedding band is the perfect choice if you want a more unique-looking piece without anything glittery. It features intricate carvings on the surface of the band, making it a wearable art piece for your wedding.

Many men appreciate the kinds of wedding rings that are simple yet expressive and the carved wedding band is exactly that.

The couple may choose this marriage symbol for its one-of-a-kind artistry. Carved bands can come in various materials like silver, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, palladium, and even wood.

Its carved appearance provides classic wedding bands a striking look without being opulent, flashy, or going overboard with details.

Othergems: I Do-worthy Wedding Bands

Now that you know about the common types of wedding rings and their meanings, you and your partner will have a better idea of what you want from your wedding rings. You can visit stores or search online for specific ring types that you like.

Whether you’re planning on splurging for a ring, or prefer something more practical, pick a ring that matches your personality, highlights your love story, fits your style, and will endure like your love.

Check out Othergems to find wedding bands that are right for you and are worthy of that special “I do” moment. Othergems is committed to making quality diamonds more accessible for couples. Every diamond that comes from us is carefully scrutinized by an in-house diamond expert to ensure that they meet industry standards.

To learn more about Othergems, visit our website, or send us a message.


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