How Much Does It Cost to Mount a Diamond?

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The center stone in a diamond engagement ring is highlighted by its mounting, the part of the ring that cradles the stone. Some common types of mounting are tiffany and bezel.

If you have a loose diamond you want to use as a center stone for a ring design, the process of installing it is called mounting. Though mounting and setting are terms that are often used interchangeably, to stone setters, these are two different things.

Mounting refers only to the part of the ring that holds the center stone. Setting refers to the overall ring design including the side stones, accents, engravings along the band, and even the band itself.

Other reasons for having a stone mounted are when you want to replace your current stone with a new one, or when the stone falls out of your ring and you wish to have it mounted back.

Whatever your purpose, “How much does it cost to get diamonds mounted?” would be the basic question you’d have in mind before heading to a jeweler. The answer will set your expectations.

Factors That Affect The Mounting Price

The cost of mounting depends on some considerations like the stone setter’s level of expertise and liability, mounting size, type of metal, design, and even the time of year. Depending on these aspects, the price can range from as low as $30 to as high as $300. That’s why it’s advisable to inquire from a few stone setters first and compare prices before having it done.

Let’s talk about these factors one by one to help you arrive at a cost-effective way to have your diamond mounted.

Expertise and Craftsmanship

Veteran stone setters who are trusted by many in the industry usually charge higher because of their advanced technique and artistry level. Intricate mounting design would require highly skilled craftsmen to ensure the perfect fit, symmetry, and polish of the mount.

Call a few local jewelers in your area and compare their rates so you can narrow down your choices to what’s close to your budget.

Mounting Size

The stone’s size and shape will also affect the mounting price. It takes more work to place a big, heavy, or fancy-shaped stones like the emerald cut ones,  snugly in place and fit the prongs or the bezel metal around them. Thus, it would cost more.

Any difference between the size of the stone and the setting will also require more work and cost as the setter will need to remodel the metal.

Type Of Metal

Metal settings like platinum and titanium fetch a higher price than other metal types because they are less malleable, and thus harder to manipulate. However, they are also stronger than low-carat gold or silver. So, they would be worth the price difference in the long term as far as securing the diamond in place is concerned.

The Design

A more intricate mounting design entails a higher price. Complexity is time-consuming and requires highly skilled hands. In comparison, a minimalist mount with a perfect, ready fit would take less effort. 

Stone Setter’s Liability

Some jewelers charge more than others because they offer extensive liability coverage. It is important to ask about the details as your diamond insurance may not pay for a damaged diamond caused by mounting.

Time Of The Year

Holiday seasons like Christmas are periods when stone mounting rates go up due to high demand. The occasions’ gift giving, shopping, and milestones like engagements can drive up the price. Your location, say a big city or suburb, could also be a factor in price differences.

That’s why it’s good to have your stone mounted before any peak season, to save some buck. Find areas nearby where mounting prices are lower as well.


Some Cost-Saving Tips When Choosing A Stone Setter

  • Don’t skimp at the expense of quality. The key is to scout around to avoid overpriced rates, but do choose skilled setters to get a fine quality mounting job.
  • Have your stone mounted where you bought it, if an in-house stone setter is available there. Just choose the setting design and material for a more seamless, one-stop transaction. Some shops would even mount your diamond for free, and depending on the design, may take only 15 to 20 minutes to finish.
  • Compare rates, years of experience, and service inclusions like delivery and liability coverage.
  • Write down your diamond’s unique ID so you can have peace of mind and a layer of protection in case of unscrupulous practices like switching it with an inferior stone.
  • Ask if there are extra costs like appraisal fees or additional raw materials if remodeling is needed.

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