7 Romantic First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

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365 days around the sun is an excellent reason to celebrate your togetherness. 

Whether you’re dating or already married, a first year anniversary sets the tone for the future of your relationship. In that regard, getting the right gift is something you simply cannot mess up!

We’re here to help you get your girl a gift she will treasure for the rest of your years together.

But What Should You Get Her?

Your gift can center on tradition, adventure, or be an heirloom piece. Each gift is valuable as long as it holds meaning for your partner and celebrates your relationship in a very intimate way.

The tradition is to give a gift made of paper – the symbol or name for the first anniversary. It signifies how your relationship is still fragile in its earliest year but is a good way to write the rest of your love story.

Thoughtful 1 year anniversary gifts for her should be personalized, meaningful, and romantic – all the right ingredients to make her fall for you all over again.

A Personalized Photo Book

Gather all your photos together and compile them into one printed book like a photo journal. Go the whole hog and write down messages for her beside each photo. Take a shot of these handwritten notes to be included in the photo book and you’ve got yourself a specially-made gift just for her.

This photo book will carry your memories in its pages and you can revisit them anytime you want.

A Love Poem Compilation

You may also gather the beautiful words of poets throughout the centuries and compile them in one poetry book.

With the help of graphic artists and a reliable print shop, you can create a personally curated love poem collection that raises a toast to the love you two share.

If your girl is an old soul, she will love this gift to bits and appreciate you for your effort and sensitivity.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Adventure

You can make your 1 year anniversary gift for her one for the books, with a travel experience of a lifetime. This would entail some travel and budget planning, but all’s permitted in love.

Depending on your partner, this could mean a trip to an exotic island, African safari, vineyards and wine tours, a unique cultural immersion, or even spacewalk simulation if she fancies an out-of-this-world experience.

It should be something she’s never done before that you’re sure she will love!

A Romantic Clock

You can also choose to give her a custom-made clock, a modern symbol for first year anniversaries. A wall clock that is designed with your monograms, photo, or your favorite love quote is a sweet idea to woo your beau.

It symbolizes your time together and how much you look forward to spending it with her, for many years to come.

A Diamond Ring

A first year anniversary is a special time to dream about your future together, reaffirm your promise of love, and set it in stone, in both a literal and romantic sense.

It’s the perfect time to give her something that symbolizes how much you treasure your togetherness and look forward to growing old together. A symbolic gift such as a diamond solitaire promise ring speaks volumes, much more than words can convey.

A Diamond Band

A symbol of infinity, a diamond encrusted band in a classy white gold or platinum metal also makes for a meaningful gift for a first anniversary.

Celebrating your first year together with something beautiful and brilliant sends a strong message of how much you look forward to spending forever with her and that you want her to be reminded of it everyday.

A Creative Jewelry Piece

Your first year together is a golden opportunity to make her feel precious. So 1 year anniversary jewelry gifts for her perfectly fits the occasion. A pendant or bracelet especially crafted to suit her personality or to symbolize your relationship is not only a sophisticated gift choice but also a piece with a story. 

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