What Is The Average Engagement Ring Size?

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It’s one of your life’s highlights and a big-ticket purchase that deserves some pause and ponder before proceeding. Deciding on which diamond engagement ring to buy is not as easy as it sounds. Along with the excitement comes a few questions, especially about what is too much or too little.

Many couples balance their wish to have something sizable and sparkly with practicality. This gives them the tendency to go middle-of-the-road about it and choose based on the average purchase, safely avoiding the extremes.

That center stone in a classic diamond engagement ring gains the most attention, making it the deciding factor in the selection. So what size is over-the-top big or underwhelmingly small?

Let’s find out based on what the market says.

What is Considered a “Big” Engagement Ring?

The size and everything else about your engagement ring is subjective. While there is a globally recognized grading system, the ring’s overall appeal goes down to your personal preference. What’s big for most may just be average for some depending on their taste. Generally, Americans prefer larger stones compared to Europeans and Asians.

The average engagement ring size in the US is 1 carat. Stones above this carat are considered larger than average, and a 3 to 5 carat is big enough for regular buyers. If we go by Hollywood standards, Kim Kardashian’s 20.5 carat diamond engagement ring is simply large, but something non-celebrities would consider extreme and extravagant.

The Mean Carat Size — What You Need to Know

To be more precise though, carat weight refers to the stone’s heaviness, not necessarily its size. However, the higher the carat weight, the larger the diamond usually is. A 3-carat diamond is huge enough to steal the show but still easy and light enough to wear daily.

How many carats is the average engagement ring?

 The most popular sizes in the US range from 1.0 to 1.09 carats. Slightly heavier or lighter diamonds also enjoy a high demand, indicating that buyers are comfortable with choosing the size on their own terms instead of subscribing to the ‘standard’.

Does the Average Engagement Ring Size Really Matter?

Visually, it does. While the carat is not the only determinant of the ring’s value, it lends its weight, quite literally, to the overall diamond appeal to buyers. We generally want a brilliant diamond that people can see.

But size is not the only criterion to consider if you want a diamond engagement ring that stands out. A diamond’s brilliance has more to do with cut rather than carat. Other characteristics, such as clarity and color, also matter to a diamond’s overall optical appeal and monetary worth.

A large, high carat diamond engagement ring with poor cut, color, and clarity will only emphasize its lack of luster. So going for a size, whether above or below average, should be balanced with the other Cs, the design, and of course, your budget.

How to Find the Right Carat Size for You

First, know your budget and the corresponding diamond carat range, then work from there. You may narrow down your choices by factoring in the design you want and the other Cs. Do you want to prioritize size over brilliance? Or vice versa? If both matter to you, pick something close to both and to your budget so that you don’t overspend.

It’s also good to be flexible and pick a carat size slightly below or above average if it suits you. Whether your personal style is minimalist or flamboyant, you can choose the perfect one for you by knowing your priorities, financial limits, and lifestyle.

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

The average diamond size engagement ring carat of 1.0ct costs around $6,000 in the US, depending on the region. This does not mean you have to pay as much. Find one close to the average size at a lower price by buying directly from manufacturers that also sell their products on retail.

There is no rule on the amount you should shell out. Spend within your means and stay close to your budget. It does not diminish the significance of your engagement ring in any way.

How to Get the Best Value Diamond for Your Budget

Steer clear of buying in big cities because prices there are generally higher than elsewhere. You will find a diamond ring of the same size and C grades that costs significantly less in smaller cities and towns.

Another good idea is to purchase from a trusted eCommerce jewelry shop that also offers custom design so you can fashion the Cs to fit your budget. Buying directly from manufacturers also slashes the price because of less mediation and overhead costs.

You may also play with illusion and choose a diamond shape that looks larger than its actual carat weight, such as oval, emerald, and marquise.

Why Buy from Othergems?

Othergems provides you with the best diamond ring value for your money as it manufactures, designs, retails, and offers customization of diamond jewelry pieces. With over 30 years of diamond expertise, it enjoys buyers’ trust and loyalty, including merchants and collectors.

In its wide selection of pre-set diamond engagement rings, you can find one that suits your size preference and budget.

Othergems also offers various designs from classic to current. You can enjoy a seamless purchase experience as you give them your C specifications and get your dream diamond ring.

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Diamond Color Chart

Color is one of the four important factors that determine the value and quality of a diamond (carat, color, clarity and cut grade). The colors range from D which is colorless, all the way through Z which is a light yellow or brown. The more colorless a diamond is, the more it is rare and expensive.

D, E, F


G, H


I, J










Diamond Clarity Chart

Clarity is one of the four important factors that determine the value and quality of a diamond (carat, color, clarity and cut grade). Almost every diamond has inclusions in it, and that’s what makes it unique. The shape, placement and amount of inclusions determine the clarity of a diamond. The highest level of clarity is FL and the lowest is I3.








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