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Have you found the love of your life? If you are planning to finally pop the question, you will most likely search high and low to answer an equally important question: “What is the best diamond cut for engagement ring?” Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place!

Not all diamond cuts are equal. So, you’d want to know which one is a cut above the rest. The obvious answer to this would be the one that appeals to you the most. Whether round, oval, cushion, emerald, or even heart, it ultimately boils down to what makes you happy.

While it makes sense to pick a cut based on your preference, knowing more about each cut’s features can help you make a more informed decision. Some diamond cuts give off more brilliance, some look larger than their actual carat weight, while there are those that are more flattering when worn.

Whether you’re buying it as a surprise or making a decision as a couple, the goal is to pick the best one for you. Your engagement ring is not your regular bling⁠—it signifies a pivotal milestone in your life, so it must be chosen with careful thought.

amy cushion cut diamond ring

What Is a Diamond Cut?

Technically speaking, a diamond cut refers to the quality of the way a jewel maker carves a rough diamond to create a faceted gem. This is graded by the Gemological Institute of America on a 5-point scale ranging from excellent to poor.

The grade is based on a cut’s brightness, fire and scintillation when viewed face-up, its durability, and its craftsmanship that covers symmetry and polish.

However, in general, “diamond cut” now widely refers to the diamond’s shape. In this article, we will be talking about the diamond cut in this context. There are various diamond shapes available on the market, so we’ve put together this guide to help you make an optimum choice and to find the answer to the question, “what is the best diamond cut?”

What Is the Most Popular Diamond Cut?

If we base it on popularity, the round cut is the top choice in the market mainly because of its proportional shape that provides the best light performance or what we call the sparkle. The round diamond is the most sparkly of them all due to its ability to capture more light from all sides and direct that light out through the top.

Because of its fire and brilliance fame, it has a cult following. It makes up 70% of the diamonds sold in the market. This diamond cut dazzles intensely, no doubt, but it is pricier compared to others because of the amount of diamond that gets cut off to shape it.

If you want some major sparkle happening in your ring, then the round cut is your best choice.

Other Shapes That Make the Cut

There are other diamond cut choices which brilliance comes close to the round cut and offer their own brand of uniqueness and elegance. Let’s know more about them to help you find the best one for you or your beloved if the round cut is a bit too much for your subdued taste. These alternatives also possess character and beauty that’s all their own.

Oval Cut

The best thing about an oval-cut diamond ring is its brilliance and the optical illusion it creates that makes it look larger than its actual carat weight. It may not be as intensely sparkly as a round cut, but it sure does look bigger because of its wider spread. Furthermore, if size matters to you more than sparkle, then an oval-cut diamond makes for a fine choice.

An oval diamond ring can also make a woman’s finger look more slender, so it’s flattering when worn. This diamond cut has become popular of late because more couples are discovering how it magnifies its size without the crazy cost.

Cushion Cut

This diamond cut may not exhibit the same fire, sparkle, and brilliance as the round cut, but its legendary elegance has made it a favorite even among royals and celebrities. Among them are Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

As an engagement ring, this diamond cut has been the choice of many who prefer a square shaped rock with rounded corners. They also come in a slightly elongated square shape that combines size and sparkle power through craftsmanship and illusion

Addison Ring – GIA 0.85 Carat Princess Diamond Ring with Side Diamonds


Aria Ring – 1.50 Carat Princess Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


Juliette Ring – 0.91 Carat Princess Diamond Engagement Ring


Pippa Ring – 4.34 Carat Princess Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave and Hidden Halo


Emerald Cut

The emerald cut rings appeal to a wide range of tastes⁠, from vintage to modern⁠, because of its unique shape made of rectangular facets. It has a minimalist, sophisticated look that makes it the choice of those who want an engagement ring that is less common but equally exquisite.

Its step-cut facets give it a brilliance in a flashes-of-light fashion. Princess Grace Kelly famously wore a stunning emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, a testament to this shape’s royalty-worthy brand of elegance that has stood the test of time.

Princess Cut

This square-shaped diamond was only introduced in the 1970s, making it relatively modern compared to other diamond cuts. When it comes to brilliance, it comes close to the round cut because it also has many facets that optimize light performance.

The princess cut diamond ring is perfect for modern brides-to-be because of its shape and structure, which make it sparkle with the same intensity regardless of carat size.

Radiant Cut

If you’re torn between the intense sparkle of the round cut and the distinct shape of the emerald, then the radiant cut is the best pick for you. Its elongated shape and step-cut pattern of facets combine to make the most of light performance and size magnification.

True to its name, it’s close to the round cut when it comes to fire, sparkle, and brilliance. Another advantage of this hybrid cut is its delicately beveled corners, which make it durable against chipping or breakage, making it perfect for those who move a lot.

Marquise Cut

This oval-shaped diamond that tapers on both ends looks unique and sophisticated and traces its roots to the 18th century European nobility era. Like the oval cut, it makes the rock appear larger than its actual size and makes the finger look longer.

It may not be top-tier when it comes to brilliance, but it stands out for its own uniqueness and creative look.

Why Buy at Othergems: A Brilliant Choice

Now that you know the distinctions and features of various diamond cuts on the market, you can now choose the best diamond cut for you or your partner for life! It’s best to look at a collection of your preferred cut so you can narrow down your options until you find the perfect engagement ring.

When it comes to diamond rings, Othergems provides a full catalog that carries various diamond cuts and design choices. Each piece is masterfully crafted by jewel artisans, so you are assured of getting the best cut quality and shape. 

Adi Ring – 1.50 Carat Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


Alexandra Ring – 3.25 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave and Hidden Halo


Amelia Ring – 2.01 Carat Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


Avery Ring – 2.01 Carat Oval Engagement Diamond Solitaire Ring


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