Dating back to the 1500s, the emerald-cut diamond ring has a rich history and is recognized as one of the most coveted cuts in the world. The stonecutters of the 16th century created this unique diamond-cut after realizing that its long and sharp cuts resulted in a stone that isn’t prone to chipping.

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Today, the emerald-cut diamond remains popular for its clean lines and geometric symmetry. It has a characteristic rectangular shape with diagonally trimmed corners. It also features 57 facets that catch and reflect mesmerizing flashes of light.

What Does an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Mean?

Owing to its sharp and elongated cuts, the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring gives a bold and self-assured vibe. The open, clear, and rectangular motif is associated with an openness of heart and clarity of mind.

The person who wears this is known to be brave, confident, and has a strong sense of self-worth.

Pros of an Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

When viewing an emerald cut from the top, its clarity allows you to appreciate each facet or “step” of the stone inside. The linear aesthetic of the cut is unique and sets itself apart from other types of engagement rings.

Instead of creating a soft sparkle like a round cut or an oval cut, the large rectangular lines reflect light in a bright and bold way. While wearing the ring, the lengthy and flattering shape of the stone will complement the natural lines of your fingers and make them appear even longer.

What Makes Emerald Cut Diamonds Unique?

The emerald-cut diamond engagement ring stands out due to an effect known as “the hall of mirrors.” Similar to standing inside a hall of mirrors, the multiple facets of the ring make it appear more reflective and nuanced.

It can be made in a square or rectangular shape, very different from the usual round or oval-shaped stones we see more of. The boxy geometry of the ring is known to immediately command attention and admiration.

Types of Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Since the cut is bold and brilliant, a more subtle and understated setting works wonders for the emerald cut diamond. Let’s look at three types of settings for emerald-cut stones: solitaire, halo, and elongated.

You can never go wrong with the classic solitaire cut for a diamond ring. With the center stone solely drawing focus, more light hits the stone and you notice distinct flashes of light.

If you’re looking for a decadent look, the halo cut is perfect. Embedded with small stones around the center of the emerald-cut diamond, this type of cut is incredibly alluring.

As the name suggests, the elongated cut emphasizes the rectangular shape of this stone. It’s long, slim, and intensifies the “hall of mirrors” effect. This is a very flattering cut because it lengthens the appearance of your finger.

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Is an emerald cut diamond a good cut?

Yes, an emerald cut diamond is a stunning and unique cut that is understated and bold. Alongside other diamond cuts, the emerald cut demands higher clarity and color grades so that they can be appreciated face up. They can thus be used to showcase a high-value diamond that excels in these aspects.

Are emerald cut diamonds more expensive than round cut diamonds?

Even though they are more unique than round-cut diamonds, emerald-cut diamonds are about 12 to 42% cheaper.

Why are emerald cuts cheaper than round?

Emerald cuts are cheaper because they have linear and symmetrical cuts instead of the smaller and more brilliant chisels of round cuts. Their sizes when face-up can also appear slightly smaller than round cuts.

Why are emerald-cut diamonds so expensive?

It’s estimated that only 3% of diamonds worldwide feature an emerald cut, making them much rarer and more expensive.

Who wears an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring?

The emerald cut is popular among celebrities and other famous personalities. Owning an emerald-cut ring grabs attention because of how unique and large it is. You can find them on the fingers of Amal Clooney, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, and Kylie Jenner.

Is emerald okay for an engagement ring?

Yes, its clarity and art deco aesthetic make it a stylish engagement ring for your loved one. It symbolizes openness and ferocity of spirit.

What does an emerald cut say about a woman?

The emerald cut’s boldness, sharp lines, and subtle grandeur give the impression that its wearer is confident, powerful, and has a strong sense of self.

Do emerald-cut diamonds sparkle?

Emerald cut diamonds catch and reflect the light in flashes and lines — different from the soft brilliance of the round cut. Its “hall of mirrors” effect also gives it an edgy and geometric pattern for light to bounce off.