The elliptical diamond cut is both timeless and chic. It exudes a quiet elegance and uniqueness that makes people glance twice, especially when it’s worn on a ring finger. This shape may not be as popular as its fellow sparkler, the round diamond, but its own brand of beauty stands out in a sea of other stones on the market.

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While the round cut is the sparkliest in diamond land, the modern oval cut also shines intensely yet comes at a lesser cost. An oval diamond engagement ring is less common as well, and lends a unique vibe to your symbolic jewel. Indeed, it is a great alternative to the round diamond.

History Of The Oval Cut Diamond

Ovular stones have been around for hundreds of years—from signet rings to Queen Victoria’s acquired and reshaped Koh-i-noor diamond from India. The oval cut has taken its own place in jewelry history, but the brilliant modern oval cut we see today was invented in 1957 by Lazare Kaplan.

Kaplan is a Russian-born, New York-based diamond crafter who descended from a family of jewelers. His innovative design earned him a much deserved place in the Jewelers International Hall of Fame.

At the time of his creation of the oval, it was the avant-garde cut that distinguished itself from the angular cut stones of the era. Kaplan’s exceptional cutting skill enabled him to upcycle diamonds. He expertly turned cracked or deeply flawed diamonds, which were already deemed useless, into valuable small stones.

Today, the oval cut diamond is recognized as one of the intensely brilliant diamond stone cuts. Its elongated, slender shape gives off an aura of understated sophistication that’s all its own.

Timeless and Trendy

The ageless oval cut also enjoys its share of current cult following with high-profile celebrities flashing their elliptical diamond engagement rings. Scarlett Johansson, Hailey Bieber, and Kourtney Kardashian are just a few of those who proudly posted theirs on social media.

A slew of Google searches a few years back made it a trending topic online, and up to now, the oval continues to rock it with flair. This cut has been here for centuries and will continue to be coveted for its sheer beauty worthy of headlines.

Why Oval Might Be The Right Diamond Cut For You

There’s so much to love about this cut that makes it a good choice for an engagement ring. Here’s a shortlist of its pros:

It Looks Larger Than Its Actual Size

Because of its elongated shape and table—the largest facet that is seen when a diamond is viewed face up—it gives the illusion of the stone being larger than its actual carat weight. A one-carat oval diamond will appear bigger than a one-carat round diamond especially when set in a slim band or prongs.

If you like big stones, the oval cut is your best bet.

It Sparkles Intensely

The oval cut comprises 58 facets which make its sparkle power almost comparable to that of the famously brilliant round cut. When it comes to fire (rainbow colored light), brilliance (white light), and scintillation (interplay of fire and brilliance), the oval cut makes an ideal alternative.

To enjoy its maximum sparkle, just make sure to choose an oval diamond with a minimal ‘bowtie effect.’ It’s the dark patch shaped like a bowtie that can be seen face up when light hits.

It Costs Less Than The Round Cut

Looking bigger than its actual carat weight while sporting an intense sparkle, the oval cut is perfect for those who want a lot for less. A round or princess cut that looks similar in size and sparkle as an oval will cost more.

This is because there is more raw diamond wastage during the cutting process of round diamonds compared to all other diamond cuts, including oval. It also takes a lot more dexterity to form a round diamond, which translates to higher labor cost.

It’s Versatile and Flexible

Depending on the length-to-width ratio, the oval can be either longer and a bit slimmer or shorter and fuller across the middle. This means you have more options regarding the shape you want. You may choose between a more pronounced elongated shape and a closer-to-round shape with a subtle elongation.

An oval diamond shape also flatters the fingers whether slender or plump. Jewelers find it easy to work with as well when you want to add more stones to your ring’s design.

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