The round cut diamond is hands down the most popular choice when it comes to engagement rings. Chances are, you know someone whose engagement ring features a round diamond cut.

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Enjoying a cult following, this diamond shape is truly a cut above the rest and for a good reason: It’s the sparkliest of them all!

Don’t we all love a diamond that powerfully glitters and screams glamor each time the light hits? After all, it’s the main reason why diamonds are favored by many over other stones. That playful light performance you can’t miss.

What Makes Round Shape Ring Outshine The Rest?

The round cut diamond is crafted in such a way that maximizes the way its sparkles. It is made with 58 small facets or surfaces. These allow light refraction—the bending of light as it passes through each transparent facet, and light dispersion—the splitting of white light into rainbow colors as it passes through a prism (fire).

This interplay of bright white light and burst of a spectrum of colors is called scintillation, which makes the round diamond attractive to the naked eye. It’s the stunning light performance in this fabulous form that highlights the substance of the engagement ring.

Other Advantages Of The Round Cut Shape

Aside from it being intensely sparkly, the round cut diamond also delivers on several other features and benefits.

A Timeless Appeal

The round cut is uncomplicated yet sophisticated and commands attention. This elegant ellipse has been around since the 17th century, forming part of royal jewelry collections and tiaras. From that time, it has adorned rings in a romantic way, up to the present.

Traditional engagement rings feature round diamonds with an ethereal beauty that makes for a stunning heirloom piece.

Wide Range Of Circle Engagement Ring Designs

Because of the high demand for round diamond engagement rings, crafters and retailers offer a large selection in their collections. You can choose from different sizes, prices, and designs to match your style and budget.


The round shape is also a multifaceted cut that can easily shine on its own or be complemented by other stones and settings.

You can never go wrong with a round diamond ring flanked by a pave of smaller stones on the sides or surrounding it like a halo. And what about having it raised like in solitaire or cathedral settings? It is easy to work with a sphere. Also, its white or colorless hue can complement other precious stones like sapphire or ruby without clashing.

Good At Hiding Flaws

A round diamond can camouflage inclusions or impurities, which maximizes its brightness and color even more. If you want a flawless round, you don’t have to buy the one with the highest clarity grade. The inclusions are actually there, just hiding from plain sight.

Why Is The Round Diamond More Expensive Than Other Cuts?

There is a higher demand for it compared to other diamond cuts. Another reason for its steep price is the large amount of raw diamond wastage during the cutting process.

Nevertheless, given its ability to shine the brightest and the amount of skill required to create it, the premium value attached to the round diamond is merited.

How To Make The Circle Cut Diamond Ring Look Larger

Spending more on a higher carat weight round diamond is not necessary just to grab attention in terms of size. Below are some tricks and illusions expert jewelers apply to make your precious stone appear larger than it actually is.

Choose A Narrow Setting

Slim bands and prongs are less prominent, allowing the diamond to bask in the spotlight without competition. Lesser prongs also reveal more of the stone, making it look bigger.

Elevate The Stone

Solitaire settings hold the diamond up through prongs that extend up from the band. These claws support the diamond in place to make it rise above the metal and appear larger. Another setting that raises the diamond is the arched cathedral.

Opt For A Bright White Setting

White gold or platinum will reflect more of the diamond’s brightness. This mirror effect lends the illusion of a stone increased in size.

Downgrade In Color and Clarity

Does size matter to you more than anything but your budget limits you in terms of carat weight? Don’t worry, there’s a solution. You may choose to sacrifice a bit on the diamond’s color or clarity. This way, you can own a bigger diamond with less color and clarity grade but still stay within your budget. You’ll go home happy and proud of your stone’s size!

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