Princess Cut Diamond! While you might’ve heard of it, you’re perhaps not entirely sure what that means. Well, it’s only the second most popular fancy diamond cut out there, and for good reason too.

Princess Cut: The Diamond with Unmatched Sparkle

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Original price was: $21,000.Current price is: $17,850.

Typically square-shaped, a Princess Cut diamond is famous for its exceptional fire and brilliance. Complete with two to four chevron patterns, the Princess Cut is a rather versatile diamond that lends itself well to engagement rings, earrings, and many other pieces of jewelry. The best of the cuts have a  1.0-1.05 length to width ratio.

Princess Cut diamonds are a fine blend of classic with just a touch of modern that gives them an irrefutable timeless appeal.

But the best part is that with this cut, you get brilliance and the shine of a classic round cut diamond, but for roughly 30% less the price. This is simply because the Princess Cut does not waste much of the rough diamonds, unlike the traditional round cut. Here’s a winner that gives you the best of both worlds!

Choose the Princess Cut and Let It Bedazzle You

Let us tell you why:

A Princess Cut diamond is bigger, bolder, and brighter than its round-cut counterpart.

A combination of a larger table (or top part of the diamond) with diagonal measurements gives the Princess Cut the optical illusion of being bigger in size than it really is! So, the same size of a princess cut diamond will appear larger than its round-cut peer.

Cut and polished from the inverted pyramid shape of rough diamonds, this diamond can chop up light in a way that gives it brilliance and fire that is simply divine! The light entering the diamond glints off every single one of its 50-58 facets, making it sparkle with life and vivaciousness. The Princess Cut does not fall short when it comes to the glamor quotient, making every ring you choose to bejewel with it a head-turner.

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You can also drop loose stones into a glass filled with water. The real ones will sink to the bottom while the fake ones will float to the top.

Is princess cut a good diamond?

As the second most popular and fancy cut, the princess cut makes for an excellent diamond, especially for engagement rings. While the actual quality of the diamond depends upon where it is sourced from and how well it is polished, every Othergems princess cut diamond is exceptionally beautiful and always of premium quality, as certified by various gemological institutes.

What are the advantages of a princess cut diamond?

Apart from their sheer brilliance and fire, Princess Cut diamonds are cheaper than round-cut ones and at the same time appear to be larger in size too. So you not only get a fancy diamond but also something that scores very well in terms of affordability and glamor. Explore the collection of spellbinding engagement rings in our store to discover how amazing princess cuts can be.

What is an ideal cut princess diamond?

An ideal princess-cut diamond should be perfectly square in shape with a length to width ratio of  1.0-1.05, 2 to 4 Chevron patterns, and 50-58 facets.

What is the best color for a princess cut diamond?

That entirely depends on the rough diamond but a colorless D, E, F, or an almost colorless G, H, I fare the best when it comes to the princess cut. We offer diamonds in every color grade to suit your preferences, so take your pick from our wide selection and design a customized piece for yourself that you’ll cherish for many days to come.

Is color or clarity more important in a princess cut diamond?

While both are important contributing factors to a diamond’s sparkle appeal, Princess Cuts lend themselves to clarity to stand out in a crowd. At Othergems we use our expertise of 30 years to come up with diamonds that are a cut above the rest, whether it comes to color, clarity, cut, or polish.

How can you tell if a princess cut diamond is real?

You can find out if your diamond, not just a princess cut is worth the money in several ways. One way is to hold up your diamond to the light. Real diamonds reflect white light into rainbow hues while appearing gray and white inside.

You can also drop loose stones into a glass filled with water. The real ones will sink to the bottom while the fake ones will float to the top.

Can I make a custom and personalized princess cut diamond ring order?

YES! Custom-made designs are in fact our specialty. Share any design that you have for jewelry and we’ll make it work. During the process of creating a personal design, we monitor every step of its making and ensure that we are crafting exactly what you had in mind.