In a sea of round and oval diamond rings, pear-cut diamond rings have the ability to stand out from other gemstones due to their unique shape.

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Also known as teardrop diamonds, pear cut diamonds are a combination of the oval and marquise cuts. Rounded on one end and tapered to a point on the other, it has a pear-like or teardrop shape, hence, the name.

What Does a Pear Cut Engagement Ring Mean?

Because of their distinctive silhouette, pear-cut diamond engagement rings are associated with confidence, a sense of adventure, boldness, and tears of joy.

Choosing a pear-cut engagement ring points to a personality that isn’t afraid to shine like this diamond.

Pros and Cons of the Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The elongated and pointed shape makes a woman’s finger look slimmer and longer. Like its oval cousin, it gives the illusion of being larger and heavier than its carat weight.

The pear-cut diamond is also a modified brilliant-cut which means that its triangular or kite-shaped facets are fashioned to maximize the stone’s light performance. Radiating light from the center, the stone’s sparkle is more intense, especially when viewed face-up.

Its unique shape makes it stand out from other diamonds. It has a certain charm that attracts curious looks and conversations for the wearer.

As for the cons, the obvious one would be the fragile tip. It also has a bowtie effect like the oval cut but this can be camouflaged by a very good cut grade. In addition, the pear cut requires precise symmetry and an ideal ratio to make the shape aesthetically pleasing. The common length-width ratio range is 1.45 to 1.75.

What Makes Pear Cut Diamonds Unique?

The pear-cut diamond’s uniqueness is rooted in its shape. Imagine cutting an oval and marquise diamond in half and fusing both halves. Nothing else has this contour.

It takes a highly skilled diamond cutter to fashion a pear cut with the right symmetry and polish. The effort it takes to produce adds to its rarity and value — something celebrity A-listers Ariana Grande and Paris Hilton apparently understand since they’ve been seen sporting their own pear-cut diamond engagement rings.

Types of Pear Cut Engagement Rings

In terms of setting, the most popular pear-cut engagement rings are solitaire, bezel, and halo.

Solitaire rings hold the stone via prongs. With a raised center stone, the diamond captures more light and dazzles more intensely. The bezel setting encases the stone with the metal, holding it more securely while the halo style surrounds the pear-cut stone with smaller stones in a pave setting adding more sparkle to the center stone.

Other fancy styles are filigree, or carved metal-designed rings, and infinity that features a love knot on the band or setting.


Are pear-shaped diamonds more expensive?

Pear-shaped diamonds cost less than round diamond engagement rings with the same carat, color, and clarity grades.

Is a pear cut a good diamond cut?

Yes. It’s unique, brilliant, not as pricey as round cuts, looks larger than its actual size, and is flattering to the wearer’s hand.

Which is better: a pear cut diamond or an oval cut diamond?

In terms of brilliance and the illusion of size, pear and oval-shaped diamonds are better because they’re cut in a way that gives them intense sparkle (after round diamonds of course) and their surfaces make them look larger than their carat size.

Which is more important in a pear-cut diamond: color or clarity?

Pear-cut diamonds can show more color (especially towards the tip) than other cuts but are good at hiding inclusions or blemishes. Slightly Included (SI1 or SI2) are good clarity grade picks for pear cuts, while an H color grade is visually good, especially against white gold and platinum settings.

How do you wear a pear-shaped engagement ring?

Pear cut diamond rings are usually worn with the pointed tip facing your fingernail so it looks like a falling teardrop when viewed face-up. However, there are no fixed rules on how to wear diamond engagement rings. In the end, it’s still up to the wearer.

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