How To Make a Diamond Ring Look Bigger

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Are you dreaming of an engagement ring with a large sparkly rock but without the exorbitant price tag? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll let you in on a few tricks on how to make diamonds look bigger than they are.

How to make a small diamond look bigger? With a few techniques in craftsmanship, you can elevate your diamond’s look so that it rivals the sparklers of celebrities and royals. Luckily, a diamond’s bearing isn’t solely based on the carat weight. Other factors like shape, cut, and design can create an illusion that makes it appear bigger than its actual size.

Let’s make your dazzling dream come true with 7 ways on how to make a diamond look bigger. Yes, your modest bling can get even flashier and more fabulous with these tricks!

Kim Ring Oval diamond ring

1. Get the Optimum Cut

How intensely a diamond reflects light depends on its cut. A good symmetrical cut has angles and facets that make the rock look bigger especially when it reflects light.

Ever noticed how some diamonds seem to dance and glitter when light hits them? It’s because high-grade cuts can help you with how to make an engagment ring look bigger. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) classifies cuts from excellent to very good, and good to fair. If you want a diamond with intense brilliance, you’ll need an excellent or very good cut to distribute the carat weight so that the radiance is maximized.

2. Choose An Elongated Shape

There are many diamond shapes to choose from but if you want your diamond to sparkle and appear larger, an elongated shape is your best choice.

Pick one that has an oval or similar shape that extends across. This gives an illusion of more width or height compared to an equidistant round shape. Between an oval diamond and a round diamond with the same carat weight, an oval diamond will always look larger.

Other elongated shapes that do the trick are marquise, pear, and emerald diamonds. Remember, round appears shorter while slender appears taller.


3. Say Hello to the Halo

A large diamond means a heavier carat weight and a higher price. If it doesn’t fit your budget, you can have the ring designed with a halo or have small diamonds set around the center diamond to magnify its appearance.

This design adds volume and size to the main gemstone and amplifies it. A regular-sized diamond surrounded by a pave of diamonds around it will have the dazzling effect of a larger diamond.

Small diamond studs are much less expensive than a big rock so you can have a luxurious look without having to spend beyond your means.

This technique is practical, creative, and stylish. Even Princess Diana’s famous engagement ring employs the halo design, giving this setting the royal thumbs up.

4. Downsize the Setting

To look bigger and more attractive, your diamond must be the star of the show while everything around it must subtly appear smaller and more low-key.

The band and the prong should be slim and minimalist to give the diamond the attention it deserves. You should thus choose a ring with slender or fewer prongs and a band that takes up less of your ring’s real estate. You wouldn’t want bulky prongs that dwarf the diamond and make your precious rock look smaller than it is.

Anything chunky will compete for attention with your diamond.

5. Choose a Tapered Band

You can further slim down the band so it doesn’t pull attention away from your diamond by having the band tapered right where the diamond is set. With this design, the band looks stylishly shaped while allowing your rock to take center stage.

It’s a sweet and delicate way to aggrandize your diamond and make its presence felt. Remember, make your diamond look bigger by making everything else look smaller and be more discreet.

Cinching the band and placing the rock on the slimmest point is a smart technique that combines optical illusion and creativity. It’s chic and climactic, adding drama to the diamond’s presence.

6. Choose A Bright White Metal

Anything that reflects well can make your diamond look bigger. To better understand this concept, think about how mirrors can make a space look larger than it actually is.

Opt for precious metals like platinum or white gold because these materials can bounce off the diamond’s brilliance, making the rock look larger and more resplendent.

If platinum is way out of your budget, choose 18K white gold which is less expensive but is still as reflective as platinum and provides maximum impact.

7. Clean and Polish Your Ring

If you’re wondering how to make engagement ring look bigger, here’s the ultimate and cheapest trick in the book: Keep it properly cleaned and polished.

Regularly cleaning and polishing your ring’s diamond and metal components can remove dirt and oil that accumulate over time. This will bring out its best look and make all the tricks you carefully calculated work.

Don’t let impurities dull its brilliance. An engagement ring is an iconic milestone that deserves your utmost care.

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