Less traditional than the round brilliant cut, a marquise cut diamond has an elongated shape that resembles the body of a slender boat, eye, or lips. Its unique shape makes it look bigger than its actual size and flatters the hand of its wearer by making the fingers look longer and slimmer.

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Sometimes referred to as a “navette” diamond, the top and bottom are pinched while the rounded middle has the widest area. It typically has 58 tiny facets that lend it a dazzling shine.

The marquise cut originated in the court of King Louis XV in the early 1700s. A jeweler was given the task of creating a stone that resembled the lips of his mistress Jean Antoinette Poisson. The marquise-cut diamond shape was born out of that request.

What Does the Marquise Cut Engagement Ring Mean?

The elegant, petite, and long shape is associated with an aristocratic and romantic air. The unique vintage shape symbolizes eccentricity. Its sparkle and glimmer catch the eye and the shape of the stone reminds one of a smile.

How Do You Pick a Good Marquise Diamond?

When looking for a marquise cut diamond ring for your loved one, check if the ring has a “bow-tie” effect. With this diamond cut, the light sometimes doesn’t reflect off the middle, causing a darker, bow-tie effect.  While your stone may have it, it shouldn’t be too prominent. A good jeweler can craft a marquise-cut diamond that minimizes this natural occurrence.

One should also pay close attention to the alignment of the 2 points at the ends of the marquise cut. If they are asymmetrical, it may not be a flaw that you’d be willing to overlook.

Pros of a Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Its tapered, slender sides and large middle gives this cut a unique and whimsical look. There are few cuts in the market that look as elegant as the marquise.

Because of its elongated shape, it makes your finger look longer and thinner. It has an unmistakable presence and uses the same amount of space to look bigger compared to a smaller round cut diamond of the same size.

Also, the 58 facets on its surface give this ring a stunning, soft sparkle.

What Makes the Marquise Diamond Cut Unique?

With a history enmeshed in romance, this cut stands for love, affection, and admiration. The elliptical look of the marquise cut, with its relatively larger belly and distinctly pointed ends, gives it a sophisticated and regal look.

Its larger surface area makes the stone stand out on your finger and gives it an eye-catching appearance.

Types of Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

There are a number of styles that make the marquise cut look stunning. Solitaire, halo, and east-west settings are a few of them.

The solitaire ring setting consists of one diamond as the center stone. It puts the marquise cut front and center without additional gems for adornment.

As the name suggests, the halo setting has tiny individual stones or diamonds encircling the shape of the marquise cut. This type of setting adds to the richness of the marquise cut.

The east-west setting is a newer, more contemporary style of ring placement. The stone is placed horizontally along the band and sits wider on your finger. It gives off an edgy and modern look.

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Are marquise diamonds more expensive?

Marquise cut diamonds are 10% to 25% less expensive than round cut diamonds with the same carat. Their shape, however, can make them look bigger despite their lower price tag.

Is marquise a good diamond?

The marquise cut can be a good choice. It looks relatively larger because of its shape but is cheaper than a round brilliant cut diamond. It also flatters the hand, making it look slimmer while the 58 facets provide a dazzling sparkle.

Who wears the marquise diamond cut?

The marquise cut diamond is popular among romantics and couples. The elongated shape is feminine and sits elegantly on a woman’s hand. It has been known to grace the hands of celebrities Victoria Beckham, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Ashley Simpson.

Why is it called a marquise cut?

In France, the term “marquise” means “rank.” Historically, nobility whose ranks were lower than a duke’s but above a count’s would wear marquise cut jewelry to show their status in society.

What does a marquise cut engagement ring say about you?

The wearer of a marquise-cut engagement ring is known to be playful, glamorous, and elegant. Due to the shape’s roots going back centuries, its wearer is typically thought of as a lover of all things classic and vintage.

Is color or clarity more important in a marquise cut diamond?

Because of its unusual eye-like shape, and the intersection of its belly with the pointed ends, the cut of the marquise is far more important than color. The cut should have perfect symmetry and alignment between the points and gradually taper to the wider belly of the diamond.

In terms of color, most people go for warm or icy diamond tones.