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An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will ever own or choose to buy for your partner—no pressure!

There are so many things to consider when shopping for an engagement ring. There’s your personal style, of course, along with your budget and lifestyle.

When you begin shopping for an engagement ring, the sheer number of available choices can be incredibly overwhelming. We’re here to help with that.

In this article, we will break down the most popular styles of engagement rings you can choose from. This should narrow down your options significantly so your search for a ring can progress quickly!

What Styles of Engagement Rings Are There?


If you’re looking for a traditional, classic engagement ring, then the solitaire style is the one for you. It is named for the fact that there is only one stone in the design.

A solitaire ring is a timeless piece, popular as ever despite the latest fashion trends that come and go. If your style is simple yet elegant, you will love this classic piece of jewelry.


As the name suggests, a cluster is a group of multiple stones that achieve an effect similar to a particularly large diamond. Vintage cluster rings are often symmetrical, meant to resemble flower petals, while many modern cluster rings are asymmetrical and look more contemporary.

This ring style maximizes the brilliance and sparkle of engagement rings without breaking the bank. These rings are incredibly versatile, and you can choose from endless designs made with different gemstones or create a custom cluster ring to symbolize your relationship.


The pavé diamond setting is a gorgeous option that exudes class and luxury. The word “pavé” is French for “to pave,” so this type of setting involves a row of tiny diamonds set closely together, paving the band of the engagement ring.

Any simple engagement ring can be enhanced through pavé to achieve a dainty, feminine look. The tiny diamonds capture more light and offset the central gemstone beautifully.

Oval Halo

Oval-cut diamonds automatically look more prominent due to their elongated shape, especially when compared to stones of the same carat.

This style is quite unique, a step beyond the traditional round stones. Still, the oval shape is not as contemporary as newer geometric cuts that have become popular in recent years, so it will never go out of style.

Three-Stone Ring

If you prefer multiple stones instead of a row of tiny diamonds, you can opt for a trilogy style. Three stones can symbolize the past, present, and future—the eternity you are ready to face together. They can also represent the three most important elements of a relationship: friendship, love, and fidelity.

You can style trilogy rings by changing up the shape and size of the stones you want to use. All three stones can be the same size, or you can have a large center diamond with an accent on either side.

Addison Ring – GIA 0.85 Carat Princess Diamond Ring with Side Diamonds


Agnie Ring – 0.90 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Round Side Diamonds


Ashley Ring – GIA 2.36 Carat Pear & Oval Diamond Engagement Ring


Ava Ring – 1.29 Carat Heart Shape Diamond Ring ,14K White Gold With Pave Ring


What Is the Most Popular Style of an Engagement Ring?


The classic halo engagement ring remains the most popular style for many couples, with a resurgence brought by Kate Middleton’s engagement in 2011. This setting is characterized by a row of pavé-set diamonds acting as a halo around a central stone.

The halo stones reflect a lot of light, and can even glow, setting off the central diamond and making it look bigger, clearer, and brighter than it really is. It also makes for the perfect contrast if the center stone is a colored gem, like a ruby, sapphire, morganite, or pink diamond.

You truly can’t go wrong with opting for the traditional. This type of ring creates a stunning shimmer that other styles and settings can’t quite replicate.

How Do I Choose an Engagement Ring Style?

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect engagement ring for you or your partner.

First, you must set a strict budget. You can significantly narrow down your choices when you have a target amount you must meet.

Once you determine how much money you can spend, your final decision will largely depend on personal preference. The engagement ring must suit the wearer’s style, taste, values, and even lifestyle.

A simple yet classy solitaire will suit someone who wants to remain low-key at all times. Someone with eccentric jewelry tastes would likely love an offbeat cluster with engravings and other unique details.

And if you want to go all out with luxury and class, there’s nothing better than a sparkly pavé or halo engagement ring!

Note that you must get the exact sizing right if you opt for a halo style. The band of small diamonds will make resizing very difficult or even impossible, so get measuring.

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Addison Ring – GIA 0.85 Carat Princess Diamond Ring with Side Diamonds


Agnie Ring – 0.90 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Round Side Diamonds


Ashley Ring – GIA 2.36 Carat Pear & Oval Diamond Engagement Ring


Ava Ring – 1.29 Carat Heart Shape Diamond Ring ,14K White Gold With Pave Ring


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